International scientific periodic symposia
and Series of German Collective Monographs
"European Science"
ISBN separate for each book (Germany, Karlsruhe)
DOI: each book and a separate each chapter
Publishing house: Sergeieva&Co, Karlsruhe, Ukraine & Germany
Periodicity: 10 times a year
Publication languages: English, Ukrainian, German
Scientific area: multidisciplinary

List of collective monographs (symposia) for 2024:
-submission until January 30: Science for modern man
-submission until February 27: Heritage of European science
-submission until March 30: Intellectual capital is the foundation of innovative development
-submission until April 29: Prospective global scientific trends
-submission until May 30: Innovation in modern science
-submission until June 29: Scientific thought development
-submission until September 29: The level of development of science and technology in the XXI century
-submission until October 30: Intellectual and technological potential of the XXI century
-submission until November 29: Scientific research in modern conditions of instability
-submission until December 29: Science and education as the basis for the modernization of the world order

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